Paper Cage

by Rape Revenge

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released August 2, 2012

Recorded at Outhouse Studios.



all rights reserved


Rape Revenge Calgary, Alberta

Rape Revenge was a feminist band from Calgary Alberta.

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Track Name: Rates Of Failure
We have stacked the odds against hope. How many of my friends are in
abusive relationships? How many men in bands I love are rapists?
Everyone I know is a survivor. When does it end.
Track Name: Thirsty Crow
What makes us the chosen ones?
We destroy our homes.
I’m disgusted with myself
So say we all.
Track Name: Reject Your Blood
How can our family, born of native blood, have such colonialist views
of our history?
Who taught you these lessons, to feel this shame, to reject your own
blood, to reject yourself?
I am not ashamed. I refuse to hate myself. I refuse.
Spoon fed lies since birth. The only culture I wish to understand.
Track Name: Long Walk Home
Do you have a boyfriend? Do you know how pretty you are? Come on baby, give me a smile. I’ll fuck you so hard you fucking cry. It’s her
fault. She’s so pretty. It’s her fault.
Track Name: Stunted
I am a lion in a paper cage. I am choking to death on fear.
All that has kept me here is made of air.
Track Name: When The Meeting Ends
Surrounded by selfish fucks. I’m done with giving myself to cause
that doesn’t exist outside of books. Don’t you get it? Your inability
to live equally doesn’t exist outside of your fight against
Track Name: The Messiah Effect
Fuck this feel good bullshit. Ghandi was a puppet, peace is a cop
out. I hope you choke on your reformist fucking bullshit. As I burn
your pacifist empire to the ground.
Track Name: You're Over-Reacting
Fuck you.
Track Name: Unruly
Unruly boys who will not grow up must be taken in hand. Unruly girls
who will not settle down they must be taken in hand. Beat the
humanity out of them. Out-shadow all their light. The system has
fucking failed you, don’t fail yourself.
Track Name: Root Of Apathy
The virus works slow. At first a defense against the every day
assault of senseless violence. Shielding your eyes slowly you out
shadow your mind from your heart. Your veins fill up with concrete.
The slow uprise of fear. You are paralyzed. We can’t take this dead
fucking weight. Nothing changes, if nothing fucking changes.
Track Name: Lawful Of Shit
Waiting in endless lines for permission to resist. Egypt, Greece and
Wall Street would fucking laugh at these permit seeking half-ass
attempts at social unrest.
Track Name: All Grown Up
Broken homes, these kids have no where else to go. Love on the streets
comes at a price. Young bodies like dollar bills. Don’t tell me she
had a choice.
Track Name: Illusion Of Property
Falling into on another. Slowly I abandon myself to become one with
the illusion. Loosing sight of lines. Feasting on your wounds to
sustain my self hatred. Tearing off pieces of my flesh, sacrifices to
your insecurities. Our biggest mistake, thinking we could own each
Track Name: Denounce Them
What am I fighting? A wall of words, a discourse of assumptions. In
order to resist I must first believe that it exists. No one
identifies as the enemy. Dominant culture is a myth.
Track Name: Donor's List
What is my life worth, when my blood is assumed to be contaminated? A
bank of those assumed clean. I am cast aside, a stigma imposed. It’s
in you to give, but only if you’re fucking straight.
Track Name: Herbivore
Tell me how you find nourishment in the horrors you can’t face.
There’s reason why your stomach hurts when you think of them all
cages. Your palate is built upon a lie you tell yourself. There’s no
reason to base your survival on the torture of someone else. If it’s
not in you to murder, if you can’t look them in the eye as you take
their life. How can you ignore the instincts in yourself to find
another way?