Rape Revenge

by Rape Revenge

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released August 3, 2012



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Rape Revenge Calgary, Alberta

Rape Revenge was a feminist band from Calgary Alberta.

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Track Name: Dear Date Rapists Of St. Albert, Alberta
We are so much more than our gender roles.
Track Name: Beauty Myth
It’s a lie.
How can you buy in to this truth?

The beauty myth is corporate.

Profit profit profit profit profit.

Even if it means hating yourself.
Track Name: Burn These Bridges
We built these bridges
And we can burn them.

What are all of the excuses
That are keeping you heald captive?

What oppressions do you trade in
For your benefit?

I’m breaking out.
Track Name: Fuck Your Gender
We are so much more than our gender roles.
Track Name: More Mosh, Less Macho
If you’re not here with a smile, why the fuck are you here?

This shit get’s so macho, I get so sick of it
It’s supposed to be fun.
Track Name: Women's Studies
What are you told makes you a woman?
You think it was always this way, but it was not.

Fed submission as your new self
You have been stripped of your history

You used to live a full life,
You used to be proud.
Track Name: I'm So Gay
I am proud
when it's not
tearing me apart

it get's so isolating, feeling like
im the only person here not straight.

queer punks come out!

i'm so gay
you're so gay
i'm so gay
we're so gay